Bankruptcy Is Your Right. We Make Sure Yours Is Done Right.

At Ozment Law, our mission is simple. We want to make your financial situation better. No two situations are the same, which means that we take the time to get a complete and accurate picture of your income, assets and debt before making any recommendations. When we do, we are honest about the options available to you and the benefits and consequences of each. Ultimately, you will make the decision about which Chapter of Bankruptcy you will file and when we will file it on your behalf.

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The Biggest Myth About Bankruptcy Is That It Will Ruin Your Life

Filing for personal bankruptcy is your right under the law, but many people fear getting help because they think it will ruin their lives. This is absolutely false. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very powerful tool for debt relief when it is done properly, which is why the experience of your lawyer matters. In many cases, a person's credit score actually increases over the first year after having filed for bankruptcy relief.

When you become our client, we will help you determine if filing for protection under Chapter 7 or under Chapter 13 is the best solution for you — or if you should file at all.

Our promise is to help you:

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It is never too early to take control and change your financial situation. We always offer free initial consultations so that you can talk to a lawyer without worrying about another financial burden.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code when necessary. WE WANT TO MAKE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE BETTER.