What Should I Bring To My Initial Consultation?

At Ozment Law in West Palm Beach, Florida, we have a genuine desire to make your financial life better sooner rather than later. We offer free initial consultations so that you can get an honest assessment from an experienced lawyer and without obligation.

The best way for you to maximize the value of your free consultation is to give us the most accurate picture of your finances. While you are not required to bring anything with you for an initial free consultation, we can give you more accurate information if you bring some of the following:

  • Income: Bank accounts, federal tax returns, W-2s, retirement accounts or public benefits.
  • Expenses and outstanding loans: Mortgages, student debt, medical bills, utility statements or receipts for large purchases.
  • Real property: Deeds, leases and other agreements relating to any real property you own or rent, such as your primary residence, vacation home or income property.
  • Personal property: You do not have to write down every item you own, but make note of the most valuable items, including automobiles, recreational vehicles, expensive jewelry, electronics, major appliances or any other item that could be repossessed.
  • User names and passwords: If you do not have paper copies of the documents we might need, make sure you have the login information required to access any records stored online.
  • Creditors: Who is calling you? What is their contact information? What are your account numbers?
  • Your questions and concerns: As you prepare for your first meeting, think about the questions you want us to answer about the law, the process or your options.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code when necessary. WE WANT TO MAKE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE BETTER.