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When to hire a bankruptcy attorney

Debt is something that a large majority of households carry in differing amounts. Everyone handles their debt differently and finds various ways to manage their debt loads. However, sometimes debt becomes overwhelming and difficult to pay back. This can happen for a variety of reasons and often results from an unexpected or sudden change in financial circumstances, such as the loss of a job.

How can I protect myself from foreclosure?

The threat of foreclosure, or losing your home, is among one of the top stresses for debt-stricken homeowners. Shelter is a basic and primary need, and the idea that you may lose your home can cause crippling anxiety in addition to the anxiety you already have over your debts.

What happens if I inherit money during my bankruptcy?

Like many Florida residents, your financial troubles have led you to the difficult decision of filing for bankruptcy. Discharging most of your debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can take a great weight off your shoulders, but what if you receive an unexpected amount of money during your bankruptcy? Will your inheritance be protected from your creditors?

How will I stay afloat in retirement?

You are struggling under the weight of debts and considering bankruptcy as one way to start anew. However, the prospect of starting from scratch scares you because, while it seems to solve your debt problem in the short term, what about the long-term picture? For example, how well can you stay afloat in retirement if you have to use your retirement funds to pay off creditors in a bankruptcy?

Will Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge recent credit card debt?

If you are a Floridian whose credit card and other debt has gotten out of hand to the point where you cannot afford to pay your bills, you may have heard that you can discharge your credit card debts by means of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While this is true in virtually all cases, you should be aware that under Section 523(a)(2)(C)(I) of the Bankruptcy Code, there is a presumption against discharging recent credit card debts. These are the debts you incur from a single creditor 90 or fewer days before filing your bankruptcy petition and with which you purchase over $675 worth of consumer goods.

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13: Which is better for me?

If you are like many Florida residents, your debt situation may be getting out of hand. Between your mortgage payments, your credit card payments, your car payment and all the other monthly bills you must pay, you may not earn enough to cover everything. Consequently, you may be wondering if bankruptcy is the answer to your debt crisis, and if so, which type, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you should file.

How do I know if it is the right time to file for bankruptcy?

You have felt overwhelmed by your debt for a while, but so far have barely kept your head above water. Even so, you know that this is no way to live. Whether you are suffering from insurmountable credit card debt, medical bills, a second mortgage or a combination of different types of debt, you might wonder when to seek help. If so, you are not alone. Many Florida residents are unsure when they should consider filing for bankruptcy.

Creditor abuses you should never have to put up with

As you may know, being deep in debt goes hand in hand with dealing with creditors. You may not know, however, that there are some debt collection practices that violate consumer rights laws. You and other Florida residents should understand which debt collector practices are lawful and which ones violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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