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How do you raise your credit score after filing for bankruptcy?

Have you decided you are tired of being smothered by your debt? Bankruptcy is a valuable option for dealing with medical bills, divorce fees, overwhelming credit card debt or costs incurred because of job loss. However, many people like you fear what bankruptcy will do to their credit. Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy may be easier than you think if you are proactive.

What bankruptcy can and can't do for you

Whatever you think of bankruptcy, you might have a few of the details wrong. It's understandable. We don't tend to give it a lot of thought until the day it matters very much to us. Bankruptcy can be scary because we often don't know someone who's been through the process. Relying on friends for advice won't help, especially if we're too embarrassed to ask.

Are all debts forgivable under bankruptcy?

Many people use bankruptcy as a means to eliminate debt and gain control over their financial situations. Bankruptcy does discharge certain debts but not all of them. To better understand if this type of action is best for you, you need to have a clear understanding of which debts are not able to be discharged.

Preventing a tax lien sale by filing bankruptcy

Most people know how important it is to pay their mortgage on time. They know that if they don't make timely payments or fail to pay for a significant amount of time, they could face pushback from their lender who may push for a foreclosure in certain circumstances.

What the means test really means

You work hard but there's never enough money to go around. The debt is mounting and you are falling further and further behind with no idea about how to catch up. Like many Americans today, you work hard to take care of yourself and your family but you're still struggling to make ends meet.

Know your rights: When calls from creditors cross legal lines

The calls from creditors and debt collectors never stop, and they are taking a serious toll on your emotional health. You're not alone - the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that Florida residents filed more complaints against debt collectors than those in any other state.

Which debts can you erase through bankruptcy?

It's at the point where you don't even want to open the mailbox anymore. If it's not jammed with new bills, it's filled with collection notices and letters threatening repossession, eviction and other serious consequences. You know you need to do something to stop the spiraling debt, and you've heard that bankruptcy can provide relief, but does it actually erase all your debts?

Health insurance is not a guarantee against medical debt

Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. It is why we buy insurance. Car insurance helps you repair your vehicle after a crash. Home insurance helps you replace your roof after a hailstorm. Health insurance helps you cover the costs of expensive medical care, but is any of it enough?

Could my Black Friday spending affect my bankruptcy filing?

It was the busiest weekend of the year for shoppers. The annual deal days began on Thanksgiving Day, often referred to by retailers as "Gray Thursday." Even those who firmly believe the day is best spent at home with family had plenty of time to take advantage of the discounts.

I've got a spouse. How does marriage affect bankruptcy filings?

You may be struggling with overwhelming debt if you are reading this post. Maybe you went online to do some research about debt relief options. If you have, there is also a high chance that you have at least considered bankruptcy as one of your options. You may have even read a few blog posts or informational pages about bankruptcy.

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