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I am behind on house payments. Will I lose my home?

Perhaps you had to skip a month or two of mortgage payments due to an emergency. Or maybe you simply did not have enough money for your payment and other bills. Whatever the case, you might be afraid you are about to lose your home and that you could even have to file for bankruptcy

Options when you are facing foreclosure

If you are among the many who believe they are only a missed payment or two away from foreclosure, you may feel a large amount of anxiety as you try and navigate through the process of saving your home. You may have already tried improving your ability to pay each month by relying on tactics such as taking on a second job or renting part of your home out to a paying tenant. If such efforts proved fruitless, however, you may have reached the stage when you are trying to determine whether to continue to fight for your home or make the difficult decision to fold.

3 tips for preventing foreclosure

Missing mortgage payments can lead to the threat of foreclosure. If you struggle to stay on top of your house payments and are afraid of losing your home, you should take action and seek necessary help as soon as possible. Acting now will help you avoid headaches down the road, such as more expensive options, paying a deficiency judgment or losing your home altogether.

Removing an HOA lien on a home

If you are juggling a monthly or annual homeowner's association payment in addition to your monthly mortgage, you may, like many Americans, struggle to pay both in full before they are due. An HOA lien is what happens if you fail to pay your HOA fees or assessments on time, and the association comes after you. This type of action can cause significant problems, and in some cases, it can give your HOA the power to foreclose on your home.

What is lien stripping?

Homeowners in Florida who are living with the constant threat of foreclosure looming over their heads are struggling to keep themselves afloat financially. Changes in income and employment and mounting debts can lead to feelings of despair. If you have already fallen behind on your second mortgage payments, you may be able to prevent your lender from foreclosing on your home with bankruptcy by filing to have the lien stripped.

How the HOA can foreclose on your home

Whether you love having a Homeowner's Association or hate it, you will probably find yourself living in a neighborhood that is subject to dues and restrictions at some point in your life. Floridians are likely to experience this more often than residents of any other state, according to As more and more homeowners in Florida have chosen to accept the terms of an HOA in exchange for services such as yard maintenance, lawn trimming and leaf removal, and community benefits including pools, playgrounds, events and clubhouses, an increasing number of neighborhoods have moved to an association-managed community. New construction has seen the biggest influx, with over 60 percent of all recently built neighborhoods featuring an HOA. While this may seem like a positive move to some, many people do not realize that an HOA can actually lead homeowners to foreclosure.

Afraid of a short sale or foreclosure? Consider refinancing

It's a concern we've all had at one time or another in our adult life: what will happen to my home if I don't have enough to make payments? A lot of people automatically assume they will have to go through a short sale or worse, foreclose on their home, which can be equally painful emotionally and for a person's credit score.

Fannie and Freddie: Do homeowners need them more than they think?

As you likely know, the state of the economy has not been easy on homeowners over the past decade, particularly for those who live in Florida. Many have had to file bankruptcy, and many have had to deal with their homes going into foreclosure. You may even be one of those who are still be experiencing the effects of the market crash and what it has done to homeowners everywhere.

Loss mitigation: What is it? Who does it benefit?

Since the 2008 housing market crash, the US has seen a tremendous surge in home foreclosures. People could no longer afford their homes for a variety of reasons, often through no fault of their own. While some people had simply gotten in over their heads with their mortgages, others experienced financial hardship due job loss, medical expenses, or other personal disasters.

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